Emergency Dolly Towing Solutions in Columbus, OH

Are you looking for expert dolly towing services?

If you can’t drive your car because its engine won’t start, you’ve been involved in a collision with another vehicle, or for any number of other reasons, dolly towing is a simple solution.

A car’s rear wheels stay in constant contact with the road, while the front wheels will be secured to the dolly for the entire journey to its destination. A towing dolly gives the tow truck driver simple maneuverability, so they can navigate busy roads and make their way through heavy traffic with ease.

Nonstop Towing offers emergency dolly towing in Columbus, suitable for a wide range of cars (typically weighing less than 5,000 pounds). We invest in high-quality towing dollies to ensure that your vehicle is secure, and our technicians know Columbus so well they can get anywhere in the local area quickly.

Our fast responses are ideal for emergencies, when you need to have your car removed from the scene of an accident or a breakdown as soon as possible.

Affordable Dolly Towing in Columbus from Local Experts

Dolly towing is one of the most popular methods of transporting a car, and with Nonstop Towing, it’s amazingly affordable too.

We provide towing services for commercial and domestic customers at competitive rates, suitable for everyone from local business owners to drivers passing through Columbus.

Our towing team is made up of experienced, highly trained technicians committed to great customer service. When they arrive on the scene to set your car up on the dolly, they’ll be efficient, courteous and polite. That can help to make a frustrating situation, such as a car breakdown, a little easier for you.

Give our office a call today and we’ll give you a fantastic quote for dolly towing in Columbus.

Professional Dolly Towing Services Available 24 Hours a Day

One of the most infuriating things about technical issues that bring your car to a halt is that they can strike without warning, at any hour.

You might be on your way to work, driving home from a local baseball game, or taking your kids on a day out. Whatever you’re doing, a problem with your engine or another mechanical hiccup could force you off the road suddenly.

But as we offer 24-hour dolly towing services, you can contact our team whenever you need our help. That could be after midnight on a weekend, at dawn on a national holiday, or any other time — we’re always ready to speak to you on any day, all year round.

If you don’t need our dolly towing solutions immediately, but still want to schedule a towing service for a future date, you can call us at the most convenient time for you.

Call Nonstop Towing for Your Dolly Towing Now

Our dolly towing services are available now for roadside emergencies, suitable for various cars. We can tow your car to your favorite auto shop, your home, or anywhere else in Columbus.

Call (614) 300-6782 now and we’ll send a seasoned technician to tow your car immediately.