Safe Flatbed Towing Solutions in Columbus, OH

Do you need a tow truck in Columbus?

Nonstop Towing’s flatbed towing solutions are a safe, secure way to transport your vehicle. Your car will sit on the rear of the truck, with all wheels level, and stay safe from other vehicles on the road.

We invest in high-quality flatbed tow trucks capable of carrying a huge range of cars, motorcycles, and more. Nonstop Towing’s technicians have completed in-depth training to provide high-quality towing services.

If your car won’t start due to an engine issue, you’ve been involved in a collision with another vehicle, or you want to transport your van without driving it, you can depend on our flatbed towing services.

Flatbed Towing with Full 24/7 Availability

Have you ever struggled to find a towing company in an emergency outside standard business hours?

All you need is a tow truck to take your car to an auto shop for a new part, but every towing business you try is unavailable?

That’s never an issue with Nonstop Towing: our flatbed towing solutions are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Nonstop Towing is always ready to speak to you and send a trained technician to transport your vehicle on a reliable flatbed truck. We can send a technician out to you immediately in an emergency, such as removing a vehicle from private property or from the scene of an accident. For non-emergencies, we’re happy to schedule your flatbed towing for days or weeks in advance instead.

Dependable Flatbed Towing with Friendly Customer Service

Safety is one of the most important points to think about when looking for a towing service. You want to know that you can trust a technician to take care of your car or truck while they tow it. As flatbed towing is generally considered the safest method of transporting an inoperative vehicle, it’s a popular choice among drivers.

Your car will stay in full contact with the truck while in transit, without a single wheel touching the road. There’s no extra wear and tear on tires. Potholes and speed bumps won’t be an issue, either.

Nonstop Towing’s expert flatbed towing solutions offer real peace of mind, which is always welcome when you’re stressed that your car needs repairs or new parts.

Our flatbed towing is efficient too. Nonstop Towing’s technicians know the local area in amazing detail after working in Columbus for years, and they’ll get to you quickly whether it’s an emergency or not. Loading a vehicle onto a flatbed tow truck is quick and simple for experienced technicians, so they can get the process underway sooner rather than later.

Get a Free Quote for Flatbed Towing in Columbus Now

Flatbed towing is a popular service, and it’s available at an affordable price just like the rest of our towing solutions. We’ll give you a free, honest quote for your flatbed towing, and answer any questions you have about it.

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